They are a gift for you, provided to god, accomplish the service of your own tent away from fulfilling

They are going to be a perpetual law using your years, and you may among the many people of Israel they should do not have heredity

1 Therefore, the LORD said to Aaron, “Both you and your sons plus father’s house with you’ll happen iniquity regarding the new retreat, therefore as well as your sons to you shall happen iniquity connected together with your priesthood. dos And with your take your brothers as well as, the latest tribe regarding Levi, new group of dad, they can register you and minister for you while you and your sons with you is up until the tent of your own testimony. 3 It shall keep guard more than you and over the entire tent, but should perhaps not been close to the ships of sanctuary or to this new altar lest they, therefore, die. 4 It will join both you and remain guard along side tent of conference for any services of one’s tent, without outsider should come towards you. 5 Therefore will keep shield across the sanctuary and over the fresh new altar, there could possibly get never again feel wrath with the people of Israel. 6 And you may behold, I have drawn the brothers the Levites from among the many some one out of Israel. 7 While plus sons to you shall shield your own priesthood for everybody that concerns the fresh new altar which will be within this the new veil; and also you should serve. I provide their priesthood due to the fact something special, step one and you will any outsider just who happens close would be set to demise.”

However, the newest firstborn off man you shall get, and also the firstborn from dirty dogs you shall get

8 Then your LORD talked so you can Aaron, “View, I’ve considering your charge of your benefits made to me personally, the consecrated one thing of the people regarding Israel. I’ve provided these to your once the a share and also to your sons because a continuous owed. nine It is going to be your of the very holy some thing, set aside on flames: all of the offering off theirs, all the cereals providing away from theirs and every sin offering out of theirs each guilt offering away from theirs, which they offer in my opinion, are most holy to you personally also to your sons. 10 During the a many holy lay will you consume it. Most of the male will get consume they; it is holy to you personally. eleven And also this are your own: the fresh new sum of the present, all of the wave offerings of the people out-of Israel. I have considering these to your, and their sons and you can daughters with you, because the a continuous due. People who’s clean inside your home get eat it. a dozen Good luck of the oils and all an educated of the wine as well as the grain, the fresh new firstfruits away from what they share with god, We share with your. 13 The first mature fruit of all of the that is within belongings, which they give the lord, are going to be your own personal. Men that is brush in the house get eat they. fourteen All of the devoted thing in Israel shall be your personal. fifteen Exactly what opens the fresh new womb of the many flesh, if or not boy or beast, that they render to your LORD, will be yours. 16 And their redemption price (from the a month old you’ll get her or him) you shall augment on four shekels 2 inside silver, according to shekel of the retreat, which is twenty gerahs. 17 However the firstborn out-of a good cow, or even the firstborn away from a sheep, or perhaps the firstborn off a goat, you’ll perhaps not get; he could be holy. You shall spraying its bloodstream for the altar and shall shed its lbs just like the a food giving, that have a pleasant fragrance into LORD. 18 However their tissue are going to be yours, as the top meeting sites nipple that’s waved so that as best thigh are your personal. 19 All of the holy contributions that people of Israel present on the LORD I give to you, and the sons and you may girl with you, once the a perpetual due. It’s an excellent covenant of sodium permanently before the LORD to own you and for your girls and boys with you.” 20 And also the LORD thought to Aaron, “You’ll don’t have any genetics in their property, none will you may have people section one of them. I am the piece and your inheritance one of several people of Israel.

21 To the Levites You will find considering most of the tithe in the Israel to have an inheritance, in exchange for their solution which they do, the service about tent off appointment, twenty two so the individuals of Israel do not been near brand new tent away from conference, lest they incur sin and you will pass away. 23 However the Levites shall carry out the provider of your tent from appointment, and will bear its iniquity. twenty-four Into the tithe of the people of Israel, that they introduce as a share towards the LORD, We have provided to new Levites to own a heredity. Thus i have said of those which they will do not have inheritance one of the individuals of Israel.”

25 Additionally the LORD spoke so you can Moses, saying, twenty-six “More over, you’ll talk and tell the brand new Levites, ‘When you take from the folks of Israel the fresh new tithe you to definitely I have given you from them for your genetics, then you certainly will introduce a contribution from it for the LORD, a beneficial tithe of tithe. 27 Along with your sum should be mentioned to you personally as though they had been the new grain of the threshing floors, and as brand new richness of your own winepress. 28 And that means you shall in addition to establish a share towards the LORD away from all of your tithes, which you discovered throughout the individuals of Israel. And you can from it you shall allow the LORD’s contribution to help you Aaron the new priest. 29 Of all the merchandise to you, you’ll introduce all of the sum considering the LORD; off for every their best benefit will be faithful.’ 30 And that means you will tell them, ‘When you have offered from it the very best of it, then other people should be mentioned on Levites as the establish of the threshing floor, so that as write of your winepress. 30 And you can eat it in every place, both you and your house, for this will be your award in return for the service during the the brand new tent of conference. thirty-two And you should sustain zero sin by cause from it, when you have contributed the best of they. Nevertheless should perhaps not profane the new holy one thing of the people of Israel, lest your die.’”

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